Over the course of six years Dr. Sassy Sasson fought tirelessly to ensure that both my mother and father received all of the Medicare/Medicaid benefits that they were entitled to. Without Dr. Sasson’s expert guidance, my parents’ remaining years would not have been as enjoyable for them. In addition to providing and managing this plan for my parents, we found Dr. Sasson’s vast knowledge and calm demeanor to be invaluable during some tough times. On behalf of my family, we are forever grateful to Dr. Sasson and would recommend his services without reservation to anyone looking to provide their loved ones with the best healthcare strategy possible.

Shannon Goldman

Dr. Sasson began working with my 87 year old mother and me a few months ago when my mother was in crisis.  He helped us both manage through that difficult period by providing us with support and reassurance.  Dr. Sasson also found an overnight caregiver for us, with just a few hours’ notice, over a weekend.  This was an invaluable service.  We are also grateful for his ongoing, reliable weekly counseling sessions for my mother, including timely updates to me.

When we contacted Sassy Sasson it seemed we were out of fresh ideas about how to handle our bright but feisty and uncooperative family member. We appreciate his patience and empathy as we explored the issues looking for the right road to take. The breakthrough came with Dr. Sasson’s description of the type of facility that would suit Rochelle’s temperament and needs & then suggesting the very place that satisfied these criteria, at which, finally, and much to the relief of her family, she is now living and flourishing.

A Grateful Family!

Yours, David

When my parents reached their 80’s, each showed significant symptoms of disease.  My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s and my stepfather from a physical and mental deterioration.  Both had done poorly in situations away from their own home and so we were determined to keep them at home if at all possible.  This would require 24-hour care.  We had many concerns, as we did not live close enough to do daily oversight.  We contacted the Alzheimer’s Association and one of the names they gave us was that of Dr. Sassy Sasson.

At our request, Dr. Sasson came to the house to evaluate the situation.  The first thing that struck me was the respect and sensitivity with which he treated my parents.  He did his assessment and agreed that 24-hour care was a necessity and explained our options for care.  When we reiterated our desire to have home care he agreed to choose aides with whom he had worked before and to monitor both the care they gave my parents and how my parents were progressing. Immediately the degree of his involvement became evident.  He had the aides keep a daily diary, which he reviewed every few days. He was always on call if they had any questions or concerns.  When my stepfather, who was a difficult man, was not happy about one of the aides, Dr. Sasson immediately replaced her and told me that as it was my stepfather’s home he deserved to be surrounded by people he liked.  Dr. Sasson helped with health insurance issues, payment of bills, and sometimes took my stepfather out for meals.  Both of my parents came to regard him as a friend and looked forward to his frequent visits. We came as often as we could and always found my parents well cared for and safe.  We found Dr. Sasson to be one of the most trustworthy, compassionate and professional people we have known. His knowledge of the health industry, doctors and the legal issues for the aging gave us continual support and his kindness to my parents and to us was constant. We felt that in many ways he had given us our lives back because we were no longer constantly worried about my parents’ safety or well-being.  We knew that Dr. Sasson deeply cared for their comfort. The aides told us that they had never worked with anyone as caring and responsible as he was and that they looked forward to any assignments with him.

Dr. Sasson was a gift to us all.  My parents could never have ended their days in the home they loved with such complete and personal support without him. I could not recommend anybody more highly.

Your efforts with Jackie and Billy have truly been life-changing. They indeed seem to be very happy with the arrangements and changes you have been able to bring into their lives.
I am sure they will continue to benefit from the Medicaid assistance as well as the home caregivers.
This could never have been accomplished without you. Particularly since I am not locally available.

I wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!

Best Wishes and warm regards,